Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michael Wesch Video Response "What Matters"

I think many things matter in this video made by Michael Wesch. For instance the way the web is changing the world and the choices we make daily, in the early 80’s when we first had the Mac computer there was little to no way of doing things we can now. Now I will discuss further the way the internet changes the way humans behave.
In the short film we saw yesterday I realized that the internet changes us with every new website, and internet tool. In the movie there was a quote “machines are using us” shortly thereafter it said “we are the machine” I think this is 100% true. Over 1 billion people get on the internet daily, and with sites like Wikipedia it gives humans the power to change the internet. Whether it changing the internet by changing a couple words, or changing the internet by re arranging web sites etc…
As you can obviously see, the internet has changed drastically. In the beginning of the 80’s there was almost no information on the web, now there is Wikipedia, and Google, and millions of other search engines and amazing web pages.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Machines Are Using Us

Michael Wesch

-Text is unlinear
-A lot of movement with the computer
-a lot easier to use
-A way of communicating
-HTML codes, etc...
-"The machine is us"
-Extremely easy to abuse (Wikipedia)

web 2.0