Sunday, February 1, 2009

PLN of Choice

For my article I did “FDR’s First 100 Days in Office” by the Boston Globe. Although this is an extremely old article, and may seem irrelevant, I found it to be very historic considering the fact that several days ago we had the 1st black president inaugurated into office. And like FDR in 1933 President Obama is faced with an extreme challenge: to fix this country’s economic crisis. This matters to me because like a lot of other middle class citizens my parents are affected by the crisis that is currently happening in the U.S., and like Franklin Delano Roosevelt did throughout his three terms, Barack Obama needs to fix this country’s worsening economy before it’s too late and were in a depression.

Lost Generation

In class we watched a YouTube video called “Lost Generation” In this video it had a girl saying negative things then rewound the video and it turned out to be that she was saying things that all of us should be thinking. This video really matters to me because we all need to change the world to become a better world so we can thrive In years to come. I think this video symbolizes many things but the one thing I think me and my peers got out of watching it was that when times are bad we need to come together to change the world. And we can all do this by one simple act of kindness.