Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Remember When

In the commercial we watched on Friday it talked about how everything that was once
"new" and "hip" is now outdated and there is probably something better then it. I think this says a lot about society today in the sense that a computer was once the greatest invention ever, now we have computers the size of our hands. I remember when we wanted to get on the computer, someone would have to be off the phone. I also remember when the world was introduced to music on an ipod instead of a CD. I think the inventions of yesterday explain an enormous amount about how were living now in 2009.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brainstorming for Position Paper

10 topics for position paper-

1. Illegal immigration- What we can do to stop it, or at least decrease the number of illegals coming in from Canada and Mexico.

2. Abortion- How America as a nation could come together to work out a simple solution on this problem.

3. Stem Cell Research- Figuring out a different way for cures for people who are in wheel chairs etc....

4. Healthcare- How our govt. can find a way to get healthcare to every single American can be insured.

5. Economic Crisis- What the U.S. as a nation can do together to make our economy thrive.

6. Crime-Rate- What law-enforcement can do to decrease the crime-rate; such as get a bigger police force, get more fire power.

7. Gun Control- What the govt. can do to protect our rights as citizens of the U.S. the right to bear arms.

8. Animal Cruelty- How the humane societies could get more federal funding so they have the resources to help sick animals.

9. Global Warming- How the world can work as a team to stop global warming and prevent polar bears and other arctic animals from becoming extinct

10. Hunger/Starvation- What the more wealthy countries can do for the 3rd world countries to better equip them with nutritious food and clean water.

3 Item Intro

Ethan’s 3 Item Intro

Item one: My Marine Corps Flag. This item is very near and dear to my heart. I have it in my room because my dad served in the USMC from 1968-1971. This flag makes me proud to be an American, and it makes me know that I’m a lucky kid, who is very blessed.

Item two: My Remington 870 express pump. This would be my gun. I recently got it and I love it. I am an avid hunter, and mainly hunt water-fowl. This gun is so great, the reason it is very special is because my Dad bought it for me and that makes it 10 times greater because I don’t see him to much.

Item three: My ranch “cowboy” boots. These boots were hand-me-downs from my dad when he was about my age. I’ve been wearing them ever since my feet have been able to fit into them. I wear them when I go to see my horse Jackson, and when I go to the stock-show and other events that have to do with ranching etc…