Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In the Denver post articles I picked “Duck hunters getting no relief” In this article what matters is figuring out what to do during hunting season because masses of water-fowl are still in Canada. This is an important subject to me because I am an avid hunter of not only water-fowl, but big game too. I am extremely worried that this upcoming hunting season that started on the 1st of November will be rather dull. I think we need to take action and somehow find a way to get the masses of water-fowl to migrate south. I think that one of the causes of this hunting nightmare is global warming; I think that when people think about global warming they think about fuel efficient cars, and recycling. However, what they do not realize is that global warming is taking a huge toll on the water-fowl hunters of the Midwest, Northern Prairies, and Eastern Plains. Although things are bad in most of the “hunting hotspots” in south eastern Colorado in the Arkansas River Valley many birds are showing up. This is good for me because two weekends from now I am going hunting in that area of Colorado, and hope to get some sort of bird.

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