Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brainstorming for Position Paper

10 topics for position paper-

1. Illegal immigration- What we can do to stop it, or at least decrease the number of illegals coming in from Canada and Mexico.

2. Abortion- How America as a nation could come together to work out a simple solution on this problem.

3. Stem Cell Research- Figuring out a different way for cures for people who are in wheel chairs etc....

4. Healthcare- How our govt. can find a way to get healthcare to every single American can be insured.

5. Economic Crisis- What the U.S. as a nation can do together to make our economy thrive.

6. Crime-Rate- What law-enforcement can do to decrease the crime-rate; such as get a bigger police force, get more fire power.

7. Gun Control- What the govt. can do to protect our rights as citizens of the U.S. the right to bear arms.

8. Animal Cruelty- How the humane societies could get more federal funding so they have the resources to help sick animals.

9. Global Warming- How the world can work as a team to stop global warming and prevent polar bears and other arctic animals from becoming extinct

10. Hunger/Starvation- What the more wealthy countries can do for the 3rd world countries to better equip them with nutritious food and clean water.

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