Monday, October 27, 2008


In the article Mountain Highways snarled by bad weather by the Rocky Mountain News, it talks about winter just around the corner. They talk about the chilly weather, icy roads, and also snow. With the snow and cold weather brings skiing and snowboarding. I remember the huge snow we got in December of 2006, it was bigger then me! I just started snowboarding again and recently got a new snowboard and all brand new snow gear. When I think of winter, and all of the snow that comes with it I think of Christmas and all of the presents I want to get. The first winter weather of the season brought icy roads, and other hazardous driving conditions, especially in the mountain areas. Ski areas, however, had some natural snow to prepare for opening day which is creeping closer and closer everyday. Denver still hasn’t gotten snow, but the newspaper talks about a bit of snow and rain coming to Denver soon. So everyone be prepared! Because winter is right around the corner, ready to unleash a fury of flakes.

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